Our society of the western world is changing rapidly and so too families are changing. With change there is always a question of new and suspicion-often labels of negativity. It is my obsession in my work to accept people for who they are not who I wish them to be. In short, it is about antibigotry i.e. about tolerance and respect. The modern family is LGBT (i.e.lesbian,gay,bisexual,transgender) ,single parent raising a child alone, single male parent who has a child through surrogate, single female artificially inseminated, or interracial family is now the Modern Family not the traditional mother father child living together as a family. I feel that the offspring of this “Modern Family” are like “little old souls”. They are empathetic towards others. I feel the parents have been through bigotry in our society and wish for and teach their children to not have bigotry within themselves. It is about mutual respect for the human rights of others. I wish to paint the children to tell their story and show their place in society in making a pathway for the future in our society to have empathy towards others and self respect for themselves in so doing. WILMA BULKIN SIEGEL,M.D.


Becket Fetch Soria: Since Beckett is 2 yr. old I could not converse with him so I observed him while he watched some educational videos. He can recite some of the alphabet along with some numbers. His parents Scott and Rick are exceptionally accomplished in education and believe in early education. Rick is a president of a college and Scott is the headmaster of a private school. When they decided to have a child they advertised for an adoption in Facebook. They were contact by a woman, a former student of Scott’s , who had multiple children and could not care for another child and she felt that Rick and Scott would make great parents and decided to give the baby to them. Beckett still has communication with his birth mother and her family


Edwin Bonilla: dwin is 6 yrs. old and his mother Suze is a single mother. She was separated from her partner and Edwin’s father when he was two Edwin sees his father and his paternal grandparents every other weekend and is in contact with his maternal grandparents as well. Suze is an academic advisor at Miami Dade collage and she has a best seller on female empowerment called “Do it Big”. She stated that when she was young she could not read until she was eight and said to herself that if ever she would have a child she would encourage reading. So she read to Edwin at an early age and he excels in reading. Edwin decided to write a book with his mother as coauthor which is entitles” EJ’S Exciting Road Trip” and he won a major contest called” The Moonbeam Award”. His second book was entitles” EJ”S Awesome adventure in Atlanta” talking about the Selma bridge walk. Edwin meant with President Obama who signed his book. Edwin wants to be president someday so he can help people and make them feel better.

Tristan and Ryan Tristan and Ryan are 7 and a half year old twins and the grandchildren of a close friend of mine. Their mother benefited from some great fertility physicians and gave birth at 48. She wanted a family and chose to do so without a partner. She is a reproductive law attorney and practices in the United States. Ryan is 3 minutes younger that Tristan and is most verbal but Tristan is very thoughtful. They love both the United States and Canada and they regularly visit Canadian family. They are compatible and are exceptionally intelligent. They love their two dogs, Xuxa and Petunia. They go to the same school but are in different classes. They share a love for technology and luckily they have a cousin who works for Google. He once let them try on some cool glasses! They excel in Tae Kwon Do and have earned their orange belt.



Elise & James Case Elise and James are 12 year old twins. They have never met their birth mother but they have three mothers. Marsha raised them from infancy and sees them often and Karen who works for their father and recently Saraya. Their father is a lawyer and entrepreneur in real-estate and Louis is the significant other. They say having two dads is great. They love their fathers who teach them that education is important. They say he is very nice aged person. The children do not attend the same school Elise attends Nova and James attends Montessori. Elise is exceptional in track. And she wants to be a veterinarian and James wants to be a biologist. James has travelled extensively with his father and recently went to the Middle East and Elise will be traveling to China with her class. Both Elise and James scored high marks in school.

DORIAN RAMOS Dorian is 12 yrs. old and tell the story when he was two and in Sam’s Club at the checkout when a clerk addressed him saying that he had a cute uncle and dad and he replied I‘m proud to have two dads. When his parents decided on having a child one of the fathers contributed his sperm to a surrogate. Both parents are makeup artist and are employed in the media one at Fox and one at MSNBC. Their day is complex waking at 2 am and being home at 3:30 for Dorian. They share housework ,cooking and parenting. They had to be defensive at times once being at the school where Dorian attends when a parent questioned their way of life . They explained their need was to care for child and not have interference in their family life from the outside. Dorian is interested in zoology and has two parakeets and a fish that he calls friends. His parents say Dorian was born for the heart so they push him for the heart. They are loving parents and as loving partners they want him to have what didn’t have in life and Dorian knows he is lucky to have them.

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