I knew that I liked people and wanted to express the knowledge I had acquired about people as a physician. I came upon portraiture as a means of expressing the psychology of the person I was painting. I developed my style having found a style rather early in my development as an artist. My past experience in sculpture was certainly an advantage, and my knowledge of anatomy was also to my advantage. Line and atmosphere of the individual, and the vibrant colors of Florida, with its warmth and free spirit, is affecting the outcome. Color to me means “Fire of Life”. Recently I have delved into photography but wish again to express a psychological and emotional expression. Here I believe black and white is best for the expression of the person since it is not so literal. Currently my focus in art has been to bring Art-in-Medicine programs into the mainstream.     I have been responsible for starting a medical school course to bring artists and medical students together to help the student have better visual acuity. I have a passion to start “Artists-in-residency” programs in the de-humanized medical settings to help in healing. I have made a motto for myself in art, which I call the three C’s-Communication, Compassion and creativity.”

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